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Intel 14th Gen Core i9 14900KF 6.0GHz RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB DDR5 Professional Gaming PC

Prologue to Intel fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF

The Intel fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF stands at the front line of expert gaming laptops, offering unmatched execution and state-of-the-art innovation. With its surprising determinations and highlights, this processor rethinks the gaming experience for fans and experts the same.

Outline of the fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF

The fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF is designed to convey outstanding pace and effectiveness, including a base clock speed of 4.4GHz and super lift up to 6.0GHz. With 24 centers and 68MB reserve, this processor easily handles requesting errands, giving consistent performing various tasks and prevalent gaming execution.

Execution Upgrades

Outfitted with cutting-edge design and creative innovations, the Fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF offers critical execution upgrades over its ancestors. From expanded handling capacity to upgraded computer-based intelligence abilities, this processor sets another norm for superior execution figuring.

The Force of RTX 4080 Very 16GB DDR5 Designs Card

The incorporation of the GeForce RTX 4080 Very 16GB GDDR6X Designs Card further lifts the gaming experience, conveying dazzling visuals and unmatched authenticity.

Highlights and Determinations

The RTX 4080 SUPER gloats 16GB of GDDR6X memory, giving more than adequate assets to delivering complex scenes and high-goal surfaces. With beam following innovation and computer based intelligence controlled highlights, this illustrations card conveys stunning visuals and vivid interactivity.

Gaming Execution

Whether you’re investigating tremendous open universes or participating in extraordinary multiplayer fights, the RTX 4080 SUPER guarantees smooth edge rates and liquid interactivity. Experience games more than ever with reasonable lighting impacts, dynamic shadows, and similar movements.

DDR5 5600MHz Superior Execution Smash

To supplement the strong processor and illustrations card, the Expert Gaming PC highlights 16GB of DDR5 5600MHz Superior Execution Smash, guaranteeing lightning-quick information access and consistent performing various tasks.

Advantages of DDR5 Smash

DDR5 Smash offers critical upgrades in transmission capacity and idleness contrasted with its ancestors, empowering quicker information move rates and further developed responsiveness. This outcomes in smoother gaming execution and diminished stacking times, improving the general gaming experience.

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Influence on Gaming Experience

With DDR5 5600MHz Smash, you can appreciate smoother ongoing interaction, quicker stacking times, and expanded efficiency. Whether you’re real time content, altering recordings, or playing the most recent AAA titles, this elite exhibition Smash guarantees ideal execution and effectiveness.

Super Quick NVME SSD

The Expert Gaming PC is outfitted with a 1TB NVME SSD, conveying super quick perused and compose speeds for quick information access and lightning-quick boot times.

Significance of Capacity Speed in Gaming laptops

In gaming, stockpiling speed assumes a significant part in decreasing burden times, limiting faltering, and further developing by and large framework responsiveness. With a NVME SSD, you can send off games quicker, load levels faster, and experience negligible personal time during interactivity.

Benefits of NVME SSDs

NVME SSDs offer a few benefits over customary hard drives, including higher rates, lower inertness, and more noteworthy unwavering quality. By utilizing PCIe innovation, NVME SSDs convey prevalent execution and effectiveness, upgrading the gaming experience and efficiency.

Measured Gaming Power Supply

The Expert Gaming PC comes outfitted with a 1000W 80+ Secluded Gaming Power Supply, giving dependable and proficient power conveyance for ideal execution and security.

Meaning of a Dependable Power Supply Unit

A dependable power supply unit is fundamental for guaranteeing stable activity and shielding sensitive parts from harm. With a particular plan, the gaming power supply offers adaptability and effectiveness, permitting clients to tweak link setups and limit mess inside the PC case.

Advantages of Measured Plan

Measured power supplies work on link the executives and further develop wind stream inside the PC case, bringing about lower temperatures and calmer activity. Also, particular links decrease the gamble of link tangling and make it simpler to redesign or supplant parts from here on out.

NZXT H7 Stream Treated glass GAMING CASE

The NZXT H7 Stream Treated glass GAMING CASE consolidates style and usefulness, giving a smooth and open nook for the Expert Gaming PC.

Style and Usefulness

Highlighting a safety glass side board and adjustable RGB lighting, the NZXT H7 Stream case offers an outwardly staggering exhibit for your gaming arrangement. With adequate space for superior execution parts and proficient link the executives choices, this case guarantees a clean and mess free form.

Cooling Productivity

Furnished with various fan mounts and radiator support, the NZXT H7 Stream case conveys magnificent cooling execution, keeping your parts running cool and calm considerably under weighty burden. With streamlined wind current and high level cooling highlights, this case keeps up with ideal temperatures for most extreme execution and life span.

Coordinated Top quality Sound Card

Drench yourself in the rich and nitty gritty sound of your number one games with the coordinated 8 CH Top quality Sound Card.

Vivid Sound Insight

The coordinated sound card conveys high-devotion sound with fresh highs, profound lows, and vivid encompass sound. Whether you’re gaming, streaming substance, or standing by listening to music, you’ll encounter everything about dazzling lucidity and authenticity.

Significance for Gamers

Sound assumes a pivotal part in gaming, giving crucial prompts and criticism to situational mindfulness and submersion. With the coordinated superior quality sound card, you can hear each stride, gunfire, and blast with pinpoint exactness, acquiring an upper hand in multiplayer games and improving your general gaming experience.

Discretionary LCD and Working Framework

Tweak your Expert Gaming PC with discretionary LCD shows and a decision of working frameworks to suit your inclinations and necessities.

Customization Choices

Browse a scope of LCD shows, including high-invigorate rate screens, ultrawide screens, and 4K HDR boards, to make the ideal gaming arrangement for your necessities. With help for various screens and versatile sync innovations, you can partake in a consistent and vivid gaming experience custom fitted to your inclinations.

Working Framework Decisions

Select your favored working framework, whether it’s Windows 11 for gaming, Linux for advancement, or macOS for inventive work. With full similarity and driver support, you can partake in a smooth and bother free processing experience, expanding efficiency and execution.

Guarantee and Client care

Have confidence realizing that your Expert Gaming PC is upheld by an extensive two year guarantee and devoted client care administrations.

Inclusion Subtleties

The guarantee covers any deformities in materials or workmanship for a time of two years from the date of procurement, giving true serenity and security against unexpected issues. In the improbable case of an equipment disappointment, our accomplished specialists will expeditiously analyze and determine the issue to limit free time and disturbance to your gaming experience.

Support Administrations

Our client service group is accessible to help you with any different kinds of feedback in regards to your Expert Gaming PC, giving master guidance and investigating help to guarantee ideal execution and fulfillment. Whether you want assistance setting up your framework, streamlining execution, or investigating specialized issues, we’re here to help constantly.


The Intel fourteenth Gen Center i9 14900KF 6.0GHz RTX 4080 Very 16GB DDR5 Proficient Gaming PC sets another norm for execution, unwavering quality, and flexibility. With its strong processor, superior execution designs card, and state of the art includes, this gaming PC conveys a vivid and invigorating gaming experience more than ever. From shocking visuals to lightning-quick burden times, each part of this PC is intended to raise your gaming experience higher than ever. With discretionary customization choices, complete guarantee inclusion, and devoted client care, it’s the ideal decision for gamers and fans the same.


Might I at any point overhaul the parts in the Expert Gaming PC?

Indeed, the Expert Gaming PC is planned considering upgradeability, permitting you to handily trade out parts like the computer processor, GPU, Smash, and capacity gadgets to stay aware of the most recent innovation and execution prerequisites.
Does the Expert Gaming PC come pre-introduced with a working framework?

No, the Expert Gaming PC doesn’t come pre-introduced with a working framework as a matter of course. Be that as it may, you have the choice to look over various working frameworks, including Windows 11, Linux, and macOS, contingent upon your inclinations and prerequisites.
What sort of guarantee does the Expert Gaming PC accompany?

The Expert Gaming PC accompanies an extensive two year guarantee, covering any imperfections in materials or workmanship for added genuine serenity and security.
Could I at any point alter the RGB lighting in the NZXT H7 Stream Safety glass GAMING CASE?

Indeed, the NZXT H7 Stream case highlights adjustable RGB lighting, permitting you to customize the lighting impacts to match your gaming arrangement and inclinations utilizing the NZXT CAM programming.
Is the Expert Gaming PC appropriate for content creation and interactive media undertakings?

Indeed, the Expert Gaming PC is appropriate for content creation, interactive media altering, and other requesting errands because of its strong processor, elite execution designs card, and more than adequate Smash and capacity choices.

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